Arctic Profiles

Arctic Profiles

A series based on the colors and themes of the arctic.


The Arctic Profiles series was a chance for me to make work that went beyond my usual comfort level. I had to dig deep in creating a more fully descriptive color palette that represented the many layers of snow and ice found in the Arctic environment. I ended up choosing from an arctic palette of about 20 colors and each piece uses between 8 and 12 of these. 

Many of the colors used in this series were blended and mixed from my own recipes, a product of perpetual research and testing. Other colors were used right out of the box from commercial color companies such as Northstar, Glass Alchemy, Parramore, Trautman, and Molten Aura.


Thousands of years ago...

These 'Ice Core Samples' took hundreds, maybe thousands of years to create.

No, Really.

Ice found in the Arctic takes a long time to form the many layers we see in these core samples. The idea of people using ice as data in our modern era is intriguing to me and I decided to recreate that idea in these pendants. 

Once scientists recover ice core samples, they must be extremely careful not to contaminate it in any way and it can yield a wealth of knowledge if properly handled. In the same way, glass artistry and handmade objects have a rarity and intention in thier creation that speaks beyond their creator. These are part of a limited release each year.

I like going deep on making prep, having all the components ready is just the warm up, a perfect excuse not to finish anything
— Chaka