Technique-based and grounded in the concept of glass-as-ice, my work explores physical phase-change in nature and the relationship between process and product.

chaka ice tube 2 (1).jpg

About Me-

I grew up in the suburbs of Boston listening to music and creating art from a young age. My academic interests took the form of a degree in psychology from UMass Amherst where I discovered glasswork by chance from a friend in 2004. I learned basics and soon was taking classes from masters such as Milon Townsend, Robert Mickelsen, John Kobuki, Loren Stump, Kiva Ford and many more. I first sold finished work through Art and Craft shows in New England, mostly jewelry, aquatic sculpture and vessels. My interest in pipes blossomed in 2012 when I decided to stop selling my work at craft festivals and art shows and began working in the underground of the pipe scene. It has been a great community to work with ever since.